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Tool Resources[edit | edit source]

These resources all deal with tooling type concerns - how ML art works, etc.

AI Artwork Primers[edit | edit source]

Link Name URL Notes
Machine Learning Artwork (for non-Experts) Learn a bit about machine learning for art generation to help understand why we need prompt crafting and the answer to things like "why can't it just make hands right"

General Help Guides[edit | edit source]

Link Name URL Notes
Scaling Images Up How to scale up images past a tool's max upscale for situations that need it (for example large, high quality canvas prints)
Improving Faces with GFPGAN Improve faces generated with one ML tool using another ML tool.
Reusable Characters Exploration for making reusable characters.

Prompting[edit | edit source]

This section deals with creating and understanding prompts.

General Prompt Guides[edit | edit source]

These guides help you understand some general prompt craft subject (punctuation, image prompts, etc).

Link Name URL Notes
Lynn Cherny's Guide to Text Prompts
A Guide to Writing Prompts for Text to Image AI

Styles[edit | edit source]

This section deals with helping you understand and/or generate things in a particular style.

Style Guides - General[edit | edit source]

The below have a large selection of samples to help you with ML artwork. These guides listed here have content on for more than one ML image generation system.

Name Link Notes
Rex Wang’s Resource Guide, Prompt /Style Examples, and Prompt Generator

AI Art Creation Wiki & Resource Guide Style Examples of Volcanos
Museum of Modern Art's Glossary Example terms from Museum of Modern Art that can be useful for AI artwork generation
Glossary of Watercolor terms Glossary of Watercolor terms with pictures

Style Guides - Comic Books[edit | edit source]

This section covers making comics with ML artwork

Name Link Notes
Aicomics Hub

A gathering place for folks making comic books with AI artwork
Creating CBR/CBZ for Comics Guide for making digital distributable comic files

Style Guides - Jewelry[edit | edit source]

This section covers content that might help with creating Jewelry - either examples, or jewelry terms.

Name Link Notes
Sapphire Engagement Ring Settings Gemstone ring terms, specific for Sapphire rings
Diamond Grading Terms Diamond grading terms for jewelry

Artist Styles[edit | edit source]

The below explore various artists applied as part of your prompt.

Name Link Notes
Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki list of Artists List of Fire Emblem Heroes artists

Tools[edit | edit source]

Other AI / ML Tools[edit | edit source]

Link Name URL Notes
Fabled AI Story Generator Tool which generates stories with artwork from your prompts
Cre AI tives AI Database A database of other tools using AI A database of other tools using AI

Image Interrogation Tools[edit | edit source]

Link Name URL Notes
@pharmapsychotic's CLIP Interrogator Checks what different OpenAI CLIP models see in an image
methexis inc's img2prompt tool Checks to see what kind of prompt could have been used to generate an image (using CLIP ViT-L/14)

AI Face / Feature Cleanup Tools[edit | edit source]

These tools all can do post processing to clean up faces / features of images. Also see our guide at Improving Faces with GFPGAN.

Link Name URL Notes
GFPGAN Google Notebook for running GFPGAN. Arguably the best result in our Improving Faces with GFPGAN, though more work than other options.
Tencent's Face Restoration Demo Tencent's own face restoration demo
tencentarc/gfpgan Tencent's Face Restoration tool on Replicate
Baseten Another GFP-GAN based tool for Photo Restoration
nightmareai/real-esrgan A Real-ESRGAN based tool for Photo Restoration
AI Lab Face Anime Converter A face to anime face converter - may be useful to fix generated anime faces.

Prompt builder[edit | edit source]

These tools can help you create good prompts.

Link Name URL Notes
promptoMANIA Gives different prompts for the different AIs.

Image Scaling Tools[edit | edit source]

These tools can all help you up-scale images (better than just basic upscaling). Also see our guide at Scaling Images Up for comparisons.

Link Name URL Notes
Upscale Wiki's Upscaler Database Giant list of upscalers with a ton of additional detail.
Gigapixel Paid upscaler tool (also arguably the best from the comparison at Scaling Images Up).

Offers a free trial.

Deep AI's Super Resolution Free web-based upscaler
Photoshop Does a lot more than upscale, but does have a preserve detail upscale that's better than a basic upscale (again see comparison at Scaling Images Up)
RealESRGAN Image restoration / upscale for General/Anime images

Other Tools[edit | edit source]

Link Name URL Notes
Copychar Tool to help copy special characters to your clipboard!
Adam's Asset Database Database of various AI generated assets. Note you can submit to the database at

ThisPersonDoesNotExist Tool that generates a picture of a person that doesn't exist Tool to recolorize images
Cleanup.Pictures Tool to remove items from your images
Have I Been Trained Tool to search the Laion image by text or image to determine if content is in it.
Random Generators Set of generators for when you don't know what to generate!
Magic Eraser A tool which can remove items from your images
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