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Here you'll find some general help on using and navigating this wiki.

Wiki FAQ[edit | edit source]

How can I edit the wiki?[edit | edit source]

Just click Actions -> Edit on (almost) any page! You don't even have to create an account if you don't want to (though note moderation is more straightforward for normal users with accounts).

This wiki is set up with a regular text editor so you don't even need to learn any special wiki language (for the most part!). If you can edit documents online you have the same skills needed to edit the wiki!

Below for example is a screenshot of what the editor looks like for me, creating this exact page!

But what if I want to log in?[edit | edit source]

At the top right, either "Create account" (and create your account) or click "..." and "Log In" (if you already have an account). Edits will now be attributed to your user (instead of your IP) and you'll have reduced moderation scrutiny! Accounts are also necessary for any additional roles :).

Create Account / Log in

My change isn't showing up!?[edit | edit source]

In order to ensure we stay aligned with the Miraheze and Wiki guidelines, all changes to the wiki from regular users pass through Moderation to ensure all requirements are met. Once your change is approved by a moderator it will show up on the wiki!

Discord FAQ[edit | edit source]

What is MidJourneyHelperBot?[edit | edit source]

Just that - a bot to help with MidJourney requests. Currently it supports:

  • ("Image Echo"): Echoing your image back, for use with a recursive workflow (thanks to Slate#4353's great document at
  • ("Image ML"): Run your image through a machine learning model to give you back some info about what the model understands. Note this isn't nearly as detailed or art focused as the midjourney model, but may help nonetheless.

How do I do any MidJourneyHelperBot commands?[edit | edit source]

All interactions are via the "App" menu at this time.

Desktop[edit | edit source]

Right click the message you'd like to echo, select "Apps", and select "Image Echo" or "Image ML".

Mobile[edit | edit source]

Tap and hold on the message you'd like to echo, select "Apps" and select "Image Echo" or "Image ML".

I want MidJourneyHelperBot![edit | edit source]

Currently this bot isn't open to be directly shared (given there is a cost to running bot infrastructure). That said, you can set up your own at this time:

*latest code isn't available yet as cleanup is in progress.

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