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Welcome to Art Mechanicum!

This wiki is for sharing tips, tricks, and other documentation that isn't available at official sources for AI / ML Image Generation tooling (Midjourney, Dall-e, etc). This has sprung from a desire to have a central shareable location for information that's been floating around various places around the Midjourney discord server, so is heavily weighted that way to start - but as more tools become widespread, we hope this expands to help all with their artwork!

While most content is listed under MidJourney: General Resources, it's worth searching the wiki as well to see if we have something on what you are looking for. And if we don't - consider contributing!

Have you created a resource?

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Our wiki is loaded with content from various authors to get started! Original content originally loaded from Chromie and @whatnostop#6700 (clarinet on Midjourney server) content (with permission), but now coming from all over.

You can make changes too - with or without an account! See How can I edit the wiki? for more.

Changes / submissions require moderation to ensure we follow Miraheze guidelines and the wiki stays online.

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