MidJourney: Can I use multiple --no parameters

From Art Mechanicum

Since it comes up occasionally, here's a current write up of multiple --no parameters. While not conclusive (and I encourage you to update with your own findings), the below suggests that it's better to use only a single "--no" parameter (and potentially additional ones don't get considered). For including multiple items, either list them in your --no parameter (i.e. "--no cats, kayaks") or switch to multi-prompt with negative values for items to avoid.

ninja :: cat::0.25 kayaking::0.25 --no cat --no kayak --seed 1 --sameseed 5 --uplight
ninja :: cat::0.25 kayaking::0.25 --no kayak --no cat --seed 1 --sameseed 5 --uplight
ninja :: cat::0.25 kayaking::0.25 --no cat, kayak --seed 1 --sameseed 5 --uplight
Obviously loses the cat.

Each seems to have a kayak involved.

Obviously includes the cat.

Doesn't entirely lose the kayak - it still might be influencing with the swoosh of red. Less obviously "kayaky" than the first.

Doesn't seem to have any cat or kayak, though may have a slight influence from both.

As it isn't known how multiple prompts combine, it's possible the combination is better at cancelling some pieces than others.

What is obvious is that doing these in a single "--no" is substantially stronger in removing the cat and kayak from the image.

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