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Below are some links to help you in specific styles of artwork

General Aesthetics[edit | edit source]

Name URL Notes
Fandom’s List of Aesthetics https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Aesthetics List of various style words to use in prompts - Example: Cyperpop,Dracopunk,Film Noir etc.

Character Creation[edit | edit source]

Name URL Notes
102 Best Cleric’s in Magic By: Steve Vrooman https://draftsim.com/mtg-clerics/ Great reference if making DnD style characters – it seems to understand these keywords/styles well

Photography[edit | edit source]

Name URL Notes
Ymgenesis’s Photography/Camera/Film Style Resource https://github.com/ymgenesis/Midjourney-Photography-Resource
Halloween Clothing Style Examples (1860s-2020s) https://imgur.com/gallery/FqVnzUu (Credit:dmkaine)
Landscape Examples(1860s-2020s & specialized unique camera effects https://imgur.com/a/ACSJzE5 (example: Tintype, Zinc Etching,Infared etc.): (Credit:JustOurStyle#5471)

Specific Artist Styles[edit | edit source]

Name URL Notes
Artist Visual Style Encyclopedia by Sincarnate https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10i9Ip8tVSERAuMWbc6-H6BUFCoUGOQ91YzDvX--c4bk Encyclopedia of what MidJourney generates when asked for art by a specific artist.

Specific Colors[edit | edit source]

Name URL Notes
Color Palette Resource https://www.pantone-colours.com/ MJ understands color very well but it does exceptionally well with specific shades from this paint website
Color Palette Resource (PDF) http://www.graphicsport.com/Pantone%20Chart.pdf
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