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Welcome, moderator! What do you need to know?

Wiki updates currently require moderation to ensure submissions adhere to the Miraheze terms and CC BY SA license. This is generally straightforward, as users agree they have the rights to the content they upload, but there are some common issues that can be problematic.

Approval Queue[edit | edit source]

As a moderator you have access to the Moderation tool (Moderation - Art Mechanicum ( Here you can view edits and approve or reject them.

Things to look for[edit | edit source]

Copyright Infringement[edit | edit source]

Copyright infringement is the most common mistake - using existing famous characters or content (think Mickey Mouse) is generally not appropriate. Another common issue is sceenshots of applications are generally not allowable either. While exceptions exist (see Wikipedia's page on Non-Free Content), it's not clear whether it applies here :). Luckily we mainly deal with generated art, where we generally don't have this issue! Rather err on the side of caution when you see these issues.

To help content be useful while respecting copyright, you can encourage authors link to off-wiki instructions or content where it is necessary or replace instructions with text (or both).

Code of Conduct Violations[edit | edit source]

While less likely, you may also find violations of the Code of Conduct ( around harassment or other inappropriate behavior. There is no tolerance for this type of content on the wiki, and you should reject changes which include this kind of content.

Content Policy Violations[edit | edit source]

Again, while unlikely, you may see violations of the Miraheze Content Policy ( Again, there is no tolerance for violations, and you should reject changes which include this kind of content.

Off-Topic Content[edit | edit source]

Content on this wiki should be kept to ML Image Generation content, or at least general art (to help with ML Image Generation). Off-topic content can go to an appropriate alternative wiki :).

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