Reusable Characters

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This page is an exploration of making reusable, repeatable characters, with various methods

Clarinet's Puppet Method[edit | edit source]

Can't start without including a link to Clarinet's Puppet Method (Clarinet's Puppet Method).

Image based Person[edit | edit source]

A useful way to generate a person is to use an image (as mentioned in the above Puppet Method) and description. This method is more likely to continue working through version updates (as named characters might "become" a new average set of features with training data or algorithm updates). It has one downside: Where do you get images of fictional characters?[edit | edit source]

This website uses a GAN to generate images of people who don't exist! Every time you refresh the page, you get another person. You can use any of the other methods that use image-based people with this tool.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Refresh until you get a person with the description you are looking for
  3. Save this image
  4. Use this image like you would other images in other guides (including Clarinet's Puppet Method)!

Flaws[edit | edit source]

One flaw in this method is that it is often difficult to get MidJourney to put this person in a different setting than the original image (these closeup shots are difficult to incorporate into body shots for example).

These images also sometimes include extra imagery in the background, which might throw off your prompt, but you can use other tools to isolate the subject and remove them before use.

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