Using Your Picture

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Face Midjourney.png

Quick guide on getting MidJourney to create a picture of you (or anything specific). Note this isn't perfect - we believe it takes the picture, converts it to text, and then feeds the text back in. But you can get pretty decent results with little work when it works, and with a bit more tweaks it should turn out (at least for portraits).

  1. Upload the picture in a message to discord (to the bot, or in the channel)
  2. (desktop) Right click on the image and select "Copy Link"
  3. Start an /imagine prompt with your image, put a space, and set your image weight using (--iw). This tells MidJourney how much to pay attention to your picture. Pick at least --iw 1, but it depends on if you are multi-prompting and the total weight. You want Midjourney to treat it at least as important as your text.
  4. Add your text prompt for whatever you want different / to change
  5. Your command should look something like: /imagine prompt: minecraft --iw 1
  6. Send!

If you get strange results, try and reinforce parts of your picture (for example if it's missing your hair, add a description of your hair to the prompt).

The below come with very simple text added to a picture.

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